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In 2012, while tutoring at Boys and Girls Harbor, a home for children in crisis, Deer Park resident Aaron Crouch overheard one of the house parents mention how difficult it was to keep so many growing children in clothes that fit. That Christmas season he and his wife, Jana Crouch, launched a drive to collect used clothes for the kids. The community responded by providing not only clothes, but enough money to buy shoes and socks for every child at the facility. The next year, the Crouches focused solely on providing shoes. The 2013 shoe drive collected twice the amount needed to buy new shoes and socks for every child at the Harbor.


In response to the growing generosity of the community, the Crouches, together with a group of Christians who shared their love for orphans, decided it was time to expand from a Christmas shoe drive to a non-profit organization that could meet many needs of organizations and families who open their doors to children in crisis. Many charities offer financial support for adoptions, and for birth parents to turn their lives around, but other than CPS support to licensed families, there is none for people helping kids who need a safe place to sleep. On Friday, July 25th, 2014 the Texas Secretary of State granted a Certificate of Formation to "Showing Hope by Offering Essential Supplies", or "SHOES Ministry" as a Not for Profit Organization formed specifically to meet these needs.


"We are branching out beyond shoes. If you are taking in kids and you need a bunk bed you can't afford, we want to buy it for you. If the home of a person applying for a foster care license needs improvements to pass the fire inspection, we want to help with that. The name is a homage to where we started, not where we are going", said Mr. Crouch, who is the former President and Executive Director of the organization.

In August 2018, the Crouches passed the torch to Josh and Shanna Beames. Josh Beames is currently the President and Executive Director of SHOES Ministry and the Beames' are excited to take what Aaron and Jana started and continue to minister to children in crisis in the Greater Houston Area.

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