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May 10-16, 2021

It’s here! May is Foster Care Awareness Month. A month when you can make a difference for children in foster care and help us respond to these ever changing times.

There are more than 423,000 children in the foster care system in America. Unfortunately, when CPS removes a child from their home they usually get a black trash bag to put their belongings in. From May 10-16, SHOES Ministry is hosting our annual Duffel Bag Drive to purchase duffel bags for these children. Each bag will have small toiletry items and a comfort item like a teddy bear or blanket. CPS workers then take these bags with them when they have to remove a child so the child has something nice to pack their things in. These bags give them a little big of dignity in the midst of a terrible situation.


SHOES Ministry's goal this year is to provide 300 duffel bags to CPS offices in the Greater Houston area. A gift of $20 provides a duffel bag, toiletries, and a comfort item to a child entering the foster care system. From May 10-16, please

consider a donation to SHOES Ministry and let a vulnerable child in our community know they are not forgotten.

Ways to Get Involved:

Make a Monetary Donation

A gift of any amount helps us provide essentials such as beds, cribs, car seats, diapers, wipes, formula, and more to a child entering the foster care system.

Collect Items for the Duffel Bags

We accept new stuffed animals and toiletry items such as individually wrapped toothbrushes, travel size toothpaste, and travel size soap or tear free body wash. Some people also use their businesses (such as Scentsy or Usborne) to collect items to put in the bags. Please speak to Shanna or Josh prior to collecting donations for the duffel bags.

Set up your own Peer-to-Peer Campaign

You can set up your own fundraiser through our Give Lively donation site and collect donations for us. Click on the Donate button above, and then on "I want to fundraise for this!"


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